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Erba Pura Perfume by Sospiro, Regal and extremely powerful, Sospiro Erba Pura perfume will carry you through the entire day with cheerful confidence. This very long-lasting fragrance was inspired by a secret orchard hidden behind a blooming floral garden. Instantly happy, the top opens with a citrus burst of refreshing orange and energetic lemon. Finishing the citrus wave is the fruity sweetness of bergamot. Elegant and powdery white musk brings a sheer heart; sensual, warm and deep, it’s at once familiar and exotic with animalic features. The base has snuggly and erotic amber and succulent Madagascar vanilla for a potent drydown and incredible sillage. The impact is tropical and sweet with a youthful, Kool-aid-like aroma for a playful yet


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